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MOONEYES Hero Customer Point Card

■ MOONEYES Hero Customer Point Card
MOONEYES Hero Customer Point Card is point card that can be used at MOONEYES Area-1, MQQN Café, Online Shop (Only order by Phone call, Fax) and MOONEYES Shop at the Event. (※It cannot be used at Online Shop by order from web.)

Register by the Registration form given after the check (payment) at MOONEYES Area-1 and MQQN Café. If the register is not done, saved point cannot be used. After you saved over 1,000 points, you can start to use the point at the payment for your shopping as 1point 1Yen.
※For Online Shop (Order by phone call and FAX, not by Web order, after registered we will include with your package.

For getting point, we can give point when you purchased at MOONEYES Official Event or MOONEYES booth that is participating in other event. During the check, show the card to the STAFF.

※You cannot use the point at the event.

■ Learn more about the Point Card
● If you use cash at MOONEYES Area-1 and MQQN Cafe we will give 100yen = 5point. If you use credit card (Excluding MOONEYES/NICOS), Online Shop we will give \100=3 point.

● Shopping at MOONEYES Official Shopping Site / Rakuten Market / Yahoo! Shopping, point is not added. (Although there are specific points for each website)

● If you show MOONEYES?NICOS card, payment will be 5% OFF. Point is not added to the point card.

● For Online Shop (Order by phone call or FAX), point is noted on the delivery slip. At MOONETES Area-1, MQQN Café it will be on the receipt.

● Please note that, if the card is lost or stolen or unauthorized use for any other reasons, we cannot take any responsibility. However, we can change the registered information of the card at each MOONEYES shop.

● Expiry date of the point is 1 year from the latest day used.

● Point cannot be exchange to money.

● Prohibited to sell and transfer.

● Point card is only used by the person himself and family.

● Point is service of 1point =¥1

● You can purchase item just by the point. Although item purchase by the point will not apply to gaining point.

● Show the Point Card before the check. Point cannot be added after the check.

MOONEYES Area-1, MQQN Cafe Location
〒231-0804 神奈川県横浜市中区本牧宮原2-10

無料の Parking (駐車場) がございますので、
お気軽に Car & Motorcycle でお越しください。

TEL 045-623-5959
●OPEN 10:00 ~ CLOSE 19:00 (月~日、祝日)

TEL 045-623-3960

●OPEN 11:00 ~ CLOSE 20:30 (月~金 ※木除く)
ラストオーダー 20:00
●OPEN 10:30 ~ CLOSE 20:30 (土、日、祝日)

ラストオーダー 20:00
木曜 定休

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